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Paris Ward  Certified Doula 

Provides loving support emotionally, physically and educationally for  pregnant women and her family. Every women deserves the support she needs during the most transformational time in her life. 



Paris was SO generous with us, taking care of both my needs and my husbands needs. She's all the things I most wanted and needed in my prenatal, labor, and postpartum experience. I can't recommend Paris enough. Both as a massage therapist, and as a doula. Paris also worked with us to create a package that included massages for both my husband and me at our postpartum appointment. So she showed up with her massage table, and my husband and I each got a one hour massage about a week after our son was born. IT WAS AMAZING. Our bodies are doing tons of new things in caring for a newborn, and having some pain relief via massage in the days/weeks after labor, and not having to leave our home to have it, was game changing. 
I feel honored to have had her partnership through my pregnancy experience.


I would highly recommend using Paris for both a doula and a massage therapist. By the time I went into labor I had built up a relationship with Paris and she knew my body with all the prenatal massages. I also had my partner get massages so he could get to know her and relax during the pregnancy too - this was a high selling point to him to get a doula and it's much better than telling your partner you're worried about them supporting you during birth because they have no knowledge of birth . She worked HARD during my labor - essentially constantly pressing on my lower back. Paris came to our home for the prenatal/postpartum appointments and massages-it was great to not have to travel especially postpartum.


Paris was my doula for my first born. As a first time mom I wanted to prepare as much as I possibly could for birth. Paris gave me all the resources I needed to make informed decisions and was prepared to bring my daughter earth side. The knowledge Paris has is amazing and she really helped ease my anxiety. Two years later, I was pregnant with my son and without a doubt I knew Paris had to be my doula. I definitely recommend Paris as a doula and massage therapist. she was with me on the happiest days of my life and I'm forever grateful for all her care and attention. 
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